Volume Calculations

In a matter of a few minutes, Eye On Detail can scan your stockpile.  Within a short time we can calculate the volume of a pile economically.  

Certain industries need to calculate the volume of large stockpiles or open pits.  Until now, doing so was time consuming and costly.  Traditional methods include steel tape, piano wire, plumb bobs, laser range finders, and total stations.  These devices are all designed to measure one point at a time.  The other option is to load the material into trucks, weigh the load, and then calculate the volume based on the density of the material.  All of these methods necessitate unnecessary costs and time delays.  

Using a 3D laser scanner to capture the dimensions of the stockpile or the open pit, Eye On Detail has the capability of scanning the material and calculating the volume much quicker and affordably.  Instead of capturing one point at a time, Eye On Detail’s 3D laser scanner captures 100,000s of points every second.  The result is a much more complete measurement of the material, more accurately and precisely than other methods.  

Eye On Detail will furnish a written report to the client detailing the process of measuring and calculating the volume, along with a calculated volume for the stockpile or open pit.  With Eye On Detail, what used to take days can now be done in hours.

This solution was provided by RedTech Solutions