Heritage Preservation

Eye On Detail can quickly and cost effectively scan historic buildings and sites.  We can help create a permanent record of history.  Scan data contains 3D coordinates.  CAD drawings can be made from the data, as well as “fly-through” videos and even virtual environments.  Students can “visit” historic places virtually, without ever leaving the classroom.  
History is an important part of any culture.  It is vital we record this history as accurately and completely as possible.  Day to day forces erode away historical places and structures, destroying history a little bit at a time.  Cataclysmic events such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes can destroy historical artifacts in an instant.  

Eye On Detail can help with the preservation, restoration, and exhibition of heritage sites and buildings.  Our 3D laser scanner captures 100,000s of survey quality points every second.  Upon scanning, a built-in camera can take photographs of the surroundings.  These photographs not only provide additional documentation, but are used to colorize the scan data, further saving additional information for future generations.  With Eye On Detail’s 3D laser scanner, places and structures can be more fully and accurately recorded, providing a record of the condition of the structure or space at the time of the scan.  Subsequent scans can be performed on specific objects to measure and record degradation.  Information from the scans can also be used for design and fabrication during restoration.

This solution was provided by RedTech Solutions