Eye On Detail can document more evidence quicker.  When documenting a crime scene, limited time and staffing, along with the sheer volume of evidence, can make fully documenting the scene a challenge.  Documenting evidence location is often done with a camera, a tape measure, or a total station.  Measuring tapes and total stations record one point at a time and are time consuming.  

Eye On Detail uses a 3D laser scanner to more completely document a scene in less time.  A 3D laser scanner captures 100,000s of survey quality points every second.  The result is a photograph quality set of points containing dimensional data.  It even takes pictures of the environment.  If the object is “visible” to the scanner, it will be recorded.  Regardless of whether the crime scene is a highway, a private residence, or a large factory, the scanner can record more data, more quickly, and more accurately than conventional methods.  A 3D laser scanner captures survey quality data with the level of detail of a camera.  

The point cloud can be used to create fly-through videos and virtual environments a person can visit with a computer.  Line work can be extracted from the point cloud to create a map using various CAD programs.  Real-world views can be accessed from the vantage point of the scan locations.  The point cloud can be imported into simulation software to illustrate the chain of events and test theories.  

With 26 years of law enforcement experience, Eye On Detail staff are capable and competent documentation and evidence recorders.  

This solution was provided by RedTech Solutions