Building Information Modeling

Eye On Detail can help identify mistakes during construction and provide you with an affordable, survey-quality record of your project through each phase. Our scans can help you make your project much more efficient and cost effective, saving you time, money, and reputation. During construction, mistakes are made.  These mistakes can require corrections, or “reworks”.  It is estimated reworks amount to between 2 and 20 percent of the project’s total cost for a total of $15 billion per year.  Was the elevator’s foundation placed properly?  When will you learn about this?  Will this cause problems later on during construction?  How can you determine the exact placement during each phase of construction?  Conventional surveying methods take too long.  They needless delay construction and are not cost effective.  The answer is 3D laser scanning.  

Eye On Detail can scan your construction project using our 3D laser scanner in a relatively short period of time.  A 3D laser scanner captures 100,000s of survey quality points every second.  Starting with the empty lot, Eye On Detail can perform 3D laser scanning of your project throughout the construction process, helping insure quality of workmanship and providing a digital record of the structure.  Digital models contain information on specific parts.  How old is a specific section of pipe?  What are its specifications?  When is it due for replacement?  All this information and more can be kept in the digital model.  

Eye On Detail has experience working in design and drafting since 1995.  Having Eye On Detail provide you with a complete digital record of your construction project can reduce costs during construction and afterwards during operation.  It will enable you to more effectively manage your assets, saving you money, while providing a higher quality product to your client.

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