Eye On Detail can help you finish your project quicker and more efficiently. With our 3D laser scanner we can measure existing structures in a fraction of the time. We can extract 3D data from the scans and rendered it as line work in AutoCAD or 3D models in Revit.

Eye On Detail has experience working in drafting and design since 1994. Whether you’re remodeling a private residence or working on a much larger structure, we can provide you with an accurate as-built drawing efficiently and economically.

During construction, buildings are not built 100% to the specifications of the plans. The only way to have a true representation of the existing structure is to obtain a 3D laser scan of the structure after it is built. Our scanner can capture up to 976,000 points every second with a ranging error of +/- 2mm. If a picture tells a thousand words, then a scan tells a million!

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